07 JUN
General Assembly - 7 June 2018

All members are called to a meeting in ORDINARY SESSION of the GENERAL Assembly, to be held on 7 June 2018, at the social building of CLUB NAUTIC S’ARENAL, Av Miramar s/n, with first call at 18:30 h and second call at 19:30 h in accordance with the following


1) Report from President

2) Approval, if necessary, of the 2017 Financial Statements

3) Budget settlement of the previous tax year, financial balance, inventory, accountability and approval of financial statements

4) Proposals submitted by the Managing Board or the Senior Club members, endorsed by 5% of the latter, as long as they are submitted five days prior to the celebration of the Assembly

5) Approval of new members. Proposals for expulsion or suspension of members

6) Any other business

7) Appointment of three members to act as auditors to sign the minutes together with the Secretary and the President

In accordance with the Statutes, access to the Assembly shall only be permitted to members and associate members with the corresponding identification before accessing the meeting.

To be a member of the General Assembly all obligations with the Club must be fulfilled.

At the end of the Assembly, a glass of cava will be offered to all attendants.


S’Arenal, 2 May 2018