Kitesurf classes for adults

May 1 to October 1

Toni, one our kitesurf instructors

Toni, one our kitesurf instructors

Tuition Description

- After a short theoretical part, we will teach you to use a small kite and then mount the kitesurf away from the beach to avoid any incidents with boats and tourists to swim. Take account that kitesurfing in Palma Bay beach is forbidden from may to october and our school is the only one authorized for kitesurfing in tha Palma Bay (we use a support boat to go to the sailing area and we use a dedicated area for extra safety, near the Cap Enderrocat).

- Your monitor is an offical instructor with the official degree of of Kite instructor in Spain (by the Spanish Sailing Federantion). We take special care of your safety instruction before kitesurf days.

- Kitesurfing is fun and addictive from first minute, and still better if you’re accompanied by a friend (here we will find the perfect classmate if you are kitesurfing alone) . Age is not a drawback, after a day of kite, you will want more. 


The minimum duration is a 2 hours class. 


Are Flexible and depend on the intensity of the wind but will usually be from 13.00 to 15.00 to 15.00 to 17.00.


We provide you with the full equipment (exception of neopren suit) (tables, kites, harness, accessories ...) from leading brands. We make a video recording of every class to analyze later and find your weak points in order to improve it and get a a faster skills progression.



The price per hour is 50 € / 1person.  70 € / 2 persons. 80 € / 3 persons this prices include VAT. (Every class will last minimum for 2 hours).


C/ Roses, s/n. Llucmajor · 07600 Mallorca · Telf. 971 440 142