Sopar a la Fresca 2018 -Summer Dinner


Sábado 28 de julio, a partir de las 21.00 horas.

Los tickets están a la venta en la Oficina del Club, en la Oficina Virtual de la Zona de Socios del CNA y a través de la APP.

A new edition of the SOPAR A LA FRESCA (CNA Summer dinner) will be held on Saturday, 28 July.

Following the tradition, the Mass will take place at 20.00h and the dinner will start at 21.00h.

Organised at the boatyard area, the Sopar a la Fresca is the great summer celebration at CNA. Kids, youngsters and adults get together to enjoy this special evening in a festive atmosphere with entertainment for children and live music.

The magic of summer arrives at CNA on 28 July!

Limited places.
Tickets on sale at the webiste Virtual Office and at the Club Office.
Each member can purchase 6 tickets (maximum 2 tickets at member’s rate)
Booking of tables at the Club Office (in person or by telephone)